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Black and White brotha...wondering how to make hair go from straight to curly the fastest for some 360 waves?

What products are best to obtain waves? how long does your hair have to be? Get at me let me know with some answers....$tylezBlack and White brotha...wondering how to make hair go from straight to curly the fastest for some 360 waves?
Go and get your hair cut real low. Buy a wave cap, a good natural bristle brush, and wave hair dressing that's in a can. Everyday apply the wave hair dressing to your hair, brush your hair in the direction of the wave pattern. Do this a few times. Place the wave cap on your hair, after a few days you should have deep waves. Or you can go and get done chemically.Black and White brotha...wondering how to make hair go from straight to curly the fastest for some 360 waves?
Chi - Straightner: Curl,Flip,Straighten

It's expensive, but you can by an imitation one at Sally Beauty supply for $80, and it should come with 4 bottles you can use on your hair to protect it from getting damaged by the straightener.
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  • How to get beachy, wavy hair?

    Ok, I have very fine, straight hair, and a lot of it and it seems impossible for me to curl it or make it wavy. Iv tried using a revlon curling iron, but it didnt work at all. Iv also tried scrunching my hair with a bunch of different products in it and that didnt work either. My hair is about 3-4 inches past shoulder length. How do i get natural looking waves for the summer?

    :DHow to get beachy, wavy hair?
    Hmm first of all, I'd get hair texturizer. It gives it that beachy look in my opinion.

    Also, try doing it in big braids the night before.

    Using a straightening iron might help. I've done that before and i still get regular curls.

    Also when you curl it, do you put bobby pins in it while it cools?How to get beachy, wavy hair?
    My hair is naturally pretty straight too. Take it from me the best way to get beachy waves is to first brush your hair (putting no product on it) until all the tangles are out. Next use sunsilk waves of envy to spray in your hair and scruch it. Next use a wave enhancing mouse (like garnier fructis wonder waves) to hold your style and reduce frizz. After applying these products dry with a diffuser and you're good to go! Good luck(:
    What I would do is use a straightener to curl. Sounds weird, but that is how I get waves instead of those large corkscrew curls that I really do not like. All you have to do is use it like you would use a pair of scissors to curl a ribbon. Pull it through the hair and tilt it at the end. You can look up directions on google.

    The perfect example right here ------%26gt;…
    get beach water soak your hair in it wash it out

    How do I fix Extreme poofy Hair?

    This question concerns my beautiful 9 year old daughter. I have thick straight hair and her daddy has curly hair, so she was born with a clash of both. She has it thick, long, and wavy, light brown with natural blonde streaks. The problem is when we brush it. I gets 4 times bigger. I need something I can teach her to put in her hair that will show her pretty waves flowing without kinkyness of having brushed it makes me want to cut it, but it's too pretty....Help!How do I fix Extreme poofy Hair?
    Oh my gosh, I used to have the same problem, too. Until my mom couldn't take it anymore (had my hair re-bonded 6 times and 1 failed attempt at hair straightening), so she consulted this hairstylist that she totally trusted and she said that my hair should be layered (if i kept my hair in one-length, it'd give me triangle-head syndrome... the layers help to thin out the hair...) and that i shouldn't comb my hair too much because that just separates the curls into one big fluffy, frizzy mess... it's much better to just run your fingers through your hair after you take a bath or use a wide-toothed comb... And those hair products that make your hair shine? They are a HUGE help, trust me on this... OH, and don't cut the hair too short, that just adds to the puff... I hope I helped...How do I fix Extreme poofy Hair?
    use panteene just look 4 your color
    Mousse helps, so does a light spray on gel. Try not to brush it after it has dried. If you use the products just finger comb.
    ummm suave makes a spray to get out kinks in hair...this also helps with the flyaways and frizz and its super cheap..its like $1.50 for a smells good too and it really helps..just spray some on dry hair and comb it through
    I have the same problem.....
    Never use a bristle brush on her hair, use a brush with 'teeth' like they do in the hair salons..... If you are able to, blow dry it straight, make sure you blow the roots straight too, and use a light oil sheen, that helps

    How do I keep my hair straight?

    I live in a place where the humidity is pretty much terrible. I own a straightener (Infinity by Conair) that I normally set to about 360 degrees F. This straightener works very, very well for me, and I don't plan on changing the straightener I use. I blow dry and straighten my hair every morning, and if I keep out of the humidity, my hair will stay very nice the entire day. There's just one problem with that though. I have to ride the bus in order to get to school, so I'm in a moderately humid environment for about 40 minutes every morning, and everyyy day when I get to school my hair has become wavy again. I've started to use Weather Works Style Creme by John Frieda and It seems to have helped a lot, but my hair still looks pretty bad when I arrive at school. Is there anything that you know of that will help me keep straight hair, even through the bus ride? I could drive to school in my own car and eliminate the problem, but gas prices are a b****, so that's not an option at all.

    Should I change the temperature of my straightener? Should I use some special technique when I blowdry my hair? Have you heard of any other good products that might help me out? I really don't even know where to begin with this. I haven't tried to use hairspray, because generally that just gives my hair a sticky feeling after I've been outside for a considerable amount of time. I have also tried to pull my hair up in a loose bun in hopes that it might stay straight, but when I take my hair back down again, my hair has already molded and dented to fit the hairband and it just looks worse than if I hadn't done anything.

    Do you have ANY suggestions? I really need help with this. My hair wasn't cut to be worn wavy, so it doesn't look the greatest when it waves.How do I keep my hair straight?
    You should go to your local salon and talk to your stylist about it. Salon products are more expensive for a reason...they work! I have wavy hair that I straighten too. This is how I do it and it stays straight humid or not. Before you blow dry your hair you have to use a good leave in conditioner. It doesn't matter that you just used conditioner in the shower. I use vital nutrients by matrix.Next divide your hair into sections, left, right, and back. Blow dry each section completly before moving on to the next. You need a good flat iron spray. I use CHI brand. Again, section your hair and straighten from the bottom layer up, using the flat iron spray. Since my hair is fairly short I also use ISO daily detail putty for some body and it makes it look kinda choppy. Then I finish the whole style off with some Aquage beyond shine, for shine. lol I know this sounds like alot but trust me, your hair will keep it's style and look fabulous!!How do I keep my hair straight?
    I have very curly hair that I straighten every morning, and if there were some miracle that would keep it straight in the humidity I'd have found it by now. The only thing I would suggest would be to take your straightener with you and fix your hair once you get to school. I bought a second iron that I keep at work for the humid days here. You're right about the hairspray, too much will just make it sticky.I'm going to read the rest of your responses to see if anyone else has a great suggestion. Hopefully they will be from people with curly hair and not people with straight hair that use the straightener for a finishing touch.
    i don't know if this will work for you for me it did...i have natural curly hair after my shower my hair is straight.when its dry its curly not bad when it gets hot my hair is awful so i put my hair in a pony tail it takes longer to dry. a hair dryer makes my hair dry......i hope you find a way to solve your problem...

    How to get straight and silky hair?

    I have REALLY thick hair, with a little wave. Whenever I straighten, It looks thick, and not silky or shiny. Please list the stuff easy to get. I have a straightner, please list all the stuff I should get, and how to do it, thanks.How to get straight and silky hair?
    I have very thick curly hair and all I use is Biosilk silk drops before I use straightener (chi straightener works best). A bottle of biosilk runs $14.00- $22.00 but well worth it, makes my hair silky smooth and it stays that way even in humidity. Just use a few drops on each strand before you run the iron over it. Hope this helps you!How to get straight and silky hair?
    Also, When your done with the flat iron, dont forget to clean it with rubbing alcohol, or something. Otherwise the oil from Biosilk will leave gunk on your flat iron and eventually make your hair smell bad.

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    Use Aveda's straightening lotion before blow drying. Also, blow dry your hair in sections and then follow up each section with a Chi Straightening Iron, straigthening each section.
    you have to use panteen pro-vee smooth and sleek shampoo and conditioner.

    it works great and makes my hair soft and shiney.

    then straighten it.

    spritz alittle light hairspray to keep the flyaway hairs down.
    Try a straightening serum. They usually work best for people that have naturally manageable hair. After you straighten it, Citre Shine finishing spray should give your hair a nice, silky look without weighing your hair down.
    go to a hair shop!!!!!
    Buy Chi Quick Smooth鈥?/a> . It's a semi-permanent solution that will straighten your hair. Also, make sure you buy Chi Silk Infusion鈥?/a> as well. You will need to apply this to your hair before applying the Quick Smooth and they conveniently do not include even a sample of the Silk Infusion when you purchase the Quick Smooth.

    Also, my oldest daughter is a Cosmetology student. She said that when you use your straightener to do it in sections starting at the nape of your neck and work your way up. It will help control the appearence of the thickness of your hair.

    Good luck!
    i use bumble and bumble products.

    i actually use the leave-in-conditioner and then straighten my hair......i love the results!!!! it appx 20.00???im not sure...
    Things to get:

    -Pantene Treatment (2 for a $1 at dollarama!)

    -A Starightening Cream

    -A good straightener

    -Brilliant Brunette Shine Shock (you can use this even if you don't have brown hair)

    What to do:

    1. Wash hair and use treatment

    2. Dry hair

    3. Straighten hair:

    Section off hair (straighen in layers) starting with bottom layer and working your way up. Also apply a very small amount of shine shock to each layer before straightening.

    4. Apply more shine shock to all of your hair if you want more shine and smoothness. Be careful not to apply to much because it will start to look greasy.

    I also suggest gettingyour hair thinned!

    Naturally straight hair going extremely wavy.?

    ive always had easy hair to manage. ive never needed an iron, a simple 5 min blowout would give me the perfectly straight silky hair i like. but now my hair is going extremely wavy. i remember back when i was younger i had a couple waves, nothing like it is now, then they were gone, but now theyve come back and it looks like they wana make a statement. the thing is i dont know why or how, i saw some articles on curly hair going straight, but i didnt find anything like this. the worst part is i dont know how to style it. if i brush it out it get s frizzy, (ive never ever had frizz in my life!!) but if i dont brush it, it s all volumized, i cant find another word to describe, its not puffy, just out and all around. the only thing ive been doing differently is using the sunsilk hairapy, i dont know if that could be it. ok so i hope you guys can help. and by the way iam 23, so i dont think it could be hormones or anything dealing with age changes. or maybe... idk. k well thanks guys!!Naturally straight hair going extremely wavy.?
    Might be over treated hair... Or a hormone change.... My hair got really curly and dry after my hormones went down....Naturally straight hair going extremely wavy.?
    i always had naturally straight hair... i didnt have to do anything other than get up and brush it... then one morning i woke up and i swear i had an afro on my head lol. but it was REALLY curly... and i still have it. but i would LOVE to have wavy hair!!

    dont brush it when it's dry (unless you've straightened it), either run ur fingers thru it in the shower, or when u get out of the shower brush it w/ a wide-toothed comb... not a brush, bcuz that can damage ur hair.

    when you get out of the shower, dont dry your hair with a towel, it causes frizz!! find an old t-shirt that u never wear bcuz its too big, too little, ect.. dry your hair with that bcuz it reduces frizz.

    after you've towel dried your hair, but some kind of mousse on it and scrunch it. you may have to dry it a few different times using different amounts each time until you get it how you want it. i dont recommend using garnier fructise.... and i have no idea how to spell that, but hair dressers say it's not good for your hair. i use tressemme and it works really good on my extra curly hair, so it should work good on ur wavy hair!

    dont blow dry it, unless you just absolutely have to have it dry, then use the cold thing on the blow drier to dry it with, if u use warm air it makes ur hair frizzier.

    you can top it off with hair spray to make it stay how you want it!!

    also, if your hair tends to like fine when u fix it, but later in the day at school or work it gets frizzy.. buy a small spray bottle and put water in it and add conditioner to it and just spray it on ur hair!

    hope i helped! =]

    How can I get natural looking waves?

    I have flat, straight hair and I absolutely envy people with naturally wavy hair. I really haven't tried anything to get it but I don't really know how to start. So is there something that's easy and fast?How can I get natural looking waves?
    I wash my hair in the evening and then either put it in a messy bun on top of my head or in a french plait. I allow it to dry over night and then mouse it in the morning. Also, curling the odd end with curling tongs helps and a diffuser is useful too. Good luck xHow can I get natural looking waves?
    with damp hair and a little gel, braid hair from the top in pigtails and sleep in them in the morning run your fingers through it and put hairspray all over it.
    You could try putting your hair into plaits after you wash your hair,

    and take them out a few hours later

    -it would be wavy :)

    Or you could put your hair in heated rollers that would make your hair look really nice, there are loads of videos on youtube that show how to make natural waves, try there?

    Good luck :)

    I have naturally curly hair myself, but I know some people wash it in the evening and then braid it while still wet and let it dry overnight in their sleep. and then just take the braids out in the morning. for more waves you can do multiple braids.
    we could at night. at the time of full moon and the new moon
    get a relaxer done at the salon.

    You can also french braid it. The more braids, the curlier (wavier) it will be.

    here's what you can do.

    with wet or damp hair, braid it or have someone braid it for you.

    Leave in all day and then sleep in it. The next day use a blow dryer and make sure your hair is completely dry. Then take out the braids.

    You're then left with beautiful natural looking waves.

    For best results, finish off with spray or some mousse (wal*mart has a fabulous spray/gel called Got2B (it's great!)

    Good luck!!
    w/ product.
    u can use ur straightner to create waves
    Have you tried mousse and scrunched it up when your hands are damp?

    Good Luck. :D
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